Founder and Design Director

Georges Chakra, a creative and eclectic artist, has lent his mind to the fashion world creating a modern, feminine, and confident allure. As a fashion and interior designer, sketch artist and painter, Georges Chakra has mirrored all the facets of his self into his unique collections. An artistic mind with an essential need for perfection and attentiveness to detail, Chakra creates fluid art through cuts, embroidery, and prints that radiate confidence and modernity.

Fascinated by the world around him, Georges Chakra captures this delicate intensity within the frame of his artistry. Beginning his work in a war-clad Beirut, after his graduation from Canada, Chakra set up his small working studio within the living room of his home, sketching, and sewing the garments himself. In the Fall of 2002, Georges Chakra expanded his workshop to Paris for the Haute Couture Fashion Week, debuting his first collection on the French runway. In February 2009, Chakra launched Edition by Georges Chakra, a luxurious ready-to-wear line, which was presented in New York, as part of the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This collection was an extension of the couture, captivating the female confidence, glamour, and sophistication.

Being featured in the 2006 hit movie The Devil Wears Prada, starring Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep, fortified Chakra’s decision to start showing his collection in New York. “It was an honor to be one of the chosen few included in this pop culture and iconic movie.” Georges Chakra has since then become a favorite of celebrities such as Dame Helen Mirren, Katy Perry, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Li Bing Bing, Zhang Ziyi, Carrie Underwood, Queen Latifah, and Tyra Banks to name a few.

Chakra’s brand signature combines elaborate and intricate back details coupled with modern and bold fabrics. “The back is my canvas, it expresses women’s motion and emotion with strength and certainty” Chakra says. With a fresh eye, sophisticated allure, and an evolving style, Georges Chakra continuously unveils his aesthetic concepts through his Couture shows during Paris Fashion Week.

Jocelyne Abdel Malak

Co-founder and President

Co-founder Jocelyne Abdel Malak, has been President of luxury fashion house Georges Chakra since 1993. Jocelyne played a crucial role creating a business model fitting for Georges Chakra’s design aesthetic and that has paved the way for the Georges Chakra Company to develop into the international couture house that it is today.

After graduating USJ Beirut with a degree in Business Management, Jocelyne joined International Committee of the Red Cross as reporting war on atrocities for 3 years, moving then to Paris and to Canada in 1978 to establish Aramex International.

Fascinated by the fashion industry since childhood, Jocelyne left Canada after meeting Georges Chakra to co-found a Beirut office for the Company in 1993. The luxury fashion brand has since then moved offices in Beirut and established a Paris office as well as point of sales in the United States. "Georges chakra runs in a world where everyone walks. And we are all running behind him trying to keep up" Jocelyne says. With two Couture shows during Paris fashion week, Jocelyne keeps pushing the luxury fashion brand into recognizing its full potential.

Onna Group

Onna Group, owner of Georges Chakra brand, was established in 1994 in Beirut, Lebanon. It is the extension of Georges Chakra's previous establishment in 1985. Throughout the years, Georges Chakra’s brand stood for providing the highest quality in dressmaking and modern creativity.

Since 2002, Georges Chakra has been showing his collections during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. And in 2006, his collection appeared in the hit movie “The Devil Wears Prada" which featured actress Meryl Streep. In 2007, the company opened a show room in Paris, situated in "Le Triangle D’Or, a modern, glamorous and luxurious boudoir.

In February 2009, Onna Group launched "Edition by Georges Chakra", a luxurious ready-to-wear line for the modern, elegant and self-confident women. Its first Fall-Winter 09-10 collection was showcased as part of the official New York Fashion Week calendar to rave reviews. Since then the collection has been sold across the United States, Europe and Asia.